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What is an ISO 9001 Gap Analysis?

What is an ISO 9001 Gap Analysis?

One of the first steps in your Quality Management System (QMS) transition or implementation project is to compare your current QMS to the requirements of the ISO 9000:2008 standard. This is most commonly called a Gap Analysis.

The most important tool for the Gap Analysis is the Gap Analysis Checklist. This is a list of the requirements in the standard, written in question format.

The auditor will use this list to compare the QMS that is in place with the standard requirements. A well-designed checklist will provide the auditor with recommendations of what documents to look for, examples of what will meet the requirements and other guidance on auditing to the standard. The checklist should also give the auditor a specific place to document what they saw that did or did not meet the standard.

When you design or purchase a checklist, keep in mind that you will want to use the completed checklist to make task lists for the implementation plan. For each section of the standard you will want to prepare a list of items that need to be implemented, redesigned or documented. Make sure your auditor is aware of what information you need documented on the checklist in order to prepare the checklists. You will need:

Schedule and perform the audit.

Allow enough time to do an in-depth audit. The more information you can provide for your task lists and project plan, the more efficient and effective your project will be.

When the audit has been completed, meet with the auditors to summarize the results. These results can be transferred to task lists for the implementation. This meeting should be held shortly after the audit, so that information is fresh in the auditors' memory.

The Benefits of using our Gap Analysis Checklist Toolkit

You will have a detailed checklist to use to compare your current systems to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

You can identify the requirements that your organization is already meeting, and those that need to be addressed. You will obtain the information you need to determine resources and a timeline for your ISO 9001:2008 implementation project.

The Gap Analysis Toolkit Includes:

  • A detailed, 37 page checklist with guidance on what to look for to evaluate your current processes and their compliance to the ISO 9001:2008 Requirements.
  • "Gap Analysis Explained"
  • Project Plan
  • Project Plan Template
  • Employee Flyer

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