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ISO Task Teams

The Task Teams that are set up will each look at the requirements for their process and procedure. They will be responsible for comparing the requirements of the standard to the current process used at your company. They will design a new process, or modify the current process so the company will be meeting ISO 9001:2008 requirements. They will write a procedure for the new process, and give it to the ISO Steering Team to review. Once the procedure is approved, they will introduce it to employees, training as needed. The company will then start using the new process/procedure.

It is important to remember that not all of the Task Teams need to start working at the same time. The ISO Steering Team will want to prepare a timeline and assign start and end dates for the Task Teams. Visit the ISO Steering Team Page for downloads of the Task Team assignments and a Gantt chart for the project.

Task Teams

The team leader is responsible for scheduling the first team meeting according to the plan on the Gantt chart.

Team Leader: Create a Task Team First Meeting Agenda, include:

Agendas for the next meetings should include:

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