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How Long Does ISO 9001 Registration Take?

Preparing for registration involves building your Quality Management System, documenting that system, and implementing it throughout your organization. The time that it takes a company to complete these tasks depends on several factors:

Do you have a Quality Management System or parts of a system in place?

How much time can personnel devote to working on the Quality Management System development each week?

What tools or assistance will you use?

As you plan your project you will need to think about those questions. You can measure your current Quality Management System against the ISO 9001 System by performing a Gap Analysis.

A Gap Analysis is an audit you perform to see what parts of the ISO 9001 Standard you already are complying with. It is useful information for planning a timeline for your project.

You will also want to determine how much time will be spent on the project by internal people. Will they be able to spend 5 hours a week on the project? One hour a week? Answer this question so you know what internal resources are available.

We have prepared several time tables for you to use as an example or as a plan for your project. Feel free to download and use these MS Word documents:

Completion in 4 months

Completion in 7 months

Completion in 10 months

Look for tools or assistance to help make your project efficient and effective. A professionally designed and documented ISO 9001 Quality Management System will save you a tremendous amount of time spent designing your system by trial and error and documenting the system.

By using a professional system you will have a system of procedures that are designed to give you running head start at a well designed, time tested Quality Management System. Our system has been used in thousands of companies from a variety of industries, all over the globe.

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